The Department of Computer Science is committed to high-quality education and training of computing professionals at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the postgraduate level, we offer three taught programmes based on coursework, the MSc(CompSc), the MSc(ECom&IComp) and the MSc(FTDA), as well as the research-based MPhil and PhD programmes.

The academic staff is active in research and development in a variety of areas including databases, parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, computer graphics, algorithms and complexity, computer vision, multimedia, software engineering, statistical computing, information security and computer forensics, and legal aspects of computing. Some of our research results have been applied to the development of real software and systems. You will have these researchers as your inspiring professors of the courses in this programme. Here are some of them.

Cautis Bogdanmore_vert
Cautis Bogdanclose Master (École Polytechnique), PhD (Paris-Sud)
Field of Research
Data management, Data mining
Chan Annie W.H.more_vert
Chan Annie W.H.close FCPA, LLB, LLM, CFE, CAMS
Field of Research
Forensic Investigation, Fraud
Chan B.M.Y.more_vert
Chan B.M.Y.close PhD (HKU)
Field of Research
Algorithms, Neural Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing
Chan P.S.more_vert
Chan P.S.close PhD (HKU)
Field of Research
Fraud Analytics, Computer Security
Cheng R.C.K.more_vert
Cheng R.C.K.close PhD (Purdue)
Field of Research
Database and Uncertainty Management
Chim T.W.more_vert
Chim T.W.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Network Security and Cryptography
Chin F.Y.L.more_vert
Chin F.Y.L.close BASc Toronto; MSc, MA, PhD Princeton; FIEEE, FHKIE, FHKACE Hon Emeritus and Honorary Professor
Field of Research
Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Machine Learning and Bioinformatics
Choi L.Y.K.more_vert
Choi L.Y.K.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Medical Visualization, Geometric Computing, Computer Graphics
Chow K.P.more_vert
Chow K.P.close PhD (UC Santa Barbara)
Field of Research
Computer Forensics, Digital Investigation, Data Privacy, Computer Security
Chung W. Y.more_vert
email wchun@hku.hk
Chung W. Y.close PhD (The University of Arizona)
Field of Research
Business analytics, information systems, social media analytics, business intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, data and text mining, Web analytics, knowledge management, and human-computer interaction
Ebler Daniel more_vert
Ebler Daniel close BSc(Eng), MSc ETH; PhD HK
Field of Research
Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computation, Quantum Causality, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Kao B.C.M.more_vert
Kao B.C.M.close PhD (Princeton)
Field of Research
Database Management Systems, Data Mining, Real-time Systems, Information Retrieval Systems
Lam T.W.more_vert
Lam T.W.close PhD (Washington)
Field of Research
Algorithms, Computational Biology
Li F.K.F.
Li F.K.F.more_vert
Li F.K.F.close MSc (HK)
Field of Research
Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis
Luo Bill T.more_vert
Luo Bill T.close PhD (HKU)
Field of Research
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Video Processing
Mamoulis N.more_vert
Mamoulis N.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Spatial Database, Data Engineering
Ng P.T.L.more_vert
Ng P.T.L.close MBA (Birmingham)
Field of Research
Financial Computing
Pan J.more_vert
Pan J.close PhD North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Field of Research
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Pun K.K.H.more_vert
Pun K.K.H.close PhD (Illinois); LLB, LLM (London)
Field of Research
Information Technology Law, e-Commerce, e-Crimes, Computerization of Law
Rahmel J.H.more_vert
Rahmel J.H.close PhD (Kaiserslautern)
Field of Research
Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services
Schnieders D.more_vert
Schnieders D.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Shum C.D.
Shum C.D.more_vert
Shum C.D.close PhD (California)
Field of Research
Financial Computing
Sozio Mauromore_vert
Sozio Mauroclose PhD (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)
Field of Research
Graph Mining, Social Network Analysis, Streaming Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Ting H.F.more_vert
Ting H.F.close PhD (Princeton)
Field of Research
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Tse T.H.more_vert
Tse T.H.close PhD (London)
Field of Research
Program Testing, Debugging, and Analysis
Yiu S.M.more_vert
Yiu S.M.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Bioinformatics, Computer Security and Cryptography
Yiu S.W.more_vert
Yiu S.W.close PhD (UC Berkeley)
Field of Research
Computer and Network Security
Zhang J. R.more_vert
Zhang J. R.close Ph.D. (Toronto)
Field of Research
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Finance, Machine Learning