The Department of Computer Science is committed to high-quality education and training of computing professionals at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the postgraduate level, we offer three taught programmes based on coursework, the MSc(CompSc), the MSc(ECom&IComp) and the MSc(FTDA), as well as the research-based MPhil and PhD programmes.

The academic staff is active in research and development in a variety of areas including databases, parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, computer graphics, algorithms and complexity, computer vision, multimedia, software engineering, statistical computing, information security and computer forensics, and legal aspects of computing. Some of our research results have been applied to the development of real software and systems. You will have these researchers as your inspiring teachers of the courses in this programme. Here are some of them.

Dr. Chan H.T.H.more_vert
Dr. Chan H.T.H.close PhD (Carnegie Mellon)
Field of Research
Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization, Graphs, Information Networks, Security & Privacy
Dr. Chan K.P.more_vert
Dr. Chan K.P.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Pattern Recognition, Chinese Computing, Facial Expression Recognition, Machine Learning
Dr. Chim T.W.more_vert
Dr. Chim T.W.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Network Security and Cryptography
Dr. Choi L.Y.K.more_vert
Dr. Choi L.Y.K.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Medical Visualization, Geometric Computing, Computer Graphics
Dr. Chow K.P.more_vert
Dr. Chow K.P.close PhD (UC Santa Barbara)
Field of Research
Computer Forensics, Digital Investigation, Data Privacy, Computer Security
Dr. Chung H.Y.more_vert
Dr. Chung H.Y.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Internet Computing, Video-coding, Video/Image Processing, Real-time Processing
Dr. Daniel Eblermore_vert
Dr. Daniel Eblerclose BSc(Eng), MSc ETH; PhD HK
Field of Research
Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Computation, Quantum Causality, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Dr. J. Panmore_vert
Dr. J. Panclose PhD North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Field of Research
Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
Dr. Pun K.K.H.more_vert
Dr. Pun K.K.H.close PhD (Illinois); LLB, LLM (London)
Field of Research
Information Technology Law, e-Commerce, e-Crimes, Computerization of Law
Dr. Rahmel J.H.more_vert
Dr. Rahmel J.H.close PhD (Kaiserslautern)
Field of Research
Artificial Intelligence, Financial Services
Dr. Schnieders D.more_vert
Dr. Schnieders D.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Computer Vision, Image Processing, Pattern Recognition
Dr. Shum C.D.
Dr. Shum C.D.more_vert
Dr. Shum C.D.close PhD (California)
Field of Research
Financial Computing
Dr. Tam A.T.C.more_vert
Dr. Tam A.T.C.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Cluster Computing, Parallel and Distributed Computing
Dr. Ting H.F.more_vert
Dr. Ting H.F.close PhD (Princeton)
Field of Research
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Dr. Wong K.K.Y.more_vert
Dr. Wong K.K.Y.close PhD (Cambridge)
Field of Research
Camera Calibration, Motion Tracking
Dr. Yiu S.W.more_vert
Dr. Yiu S.W.close PhD (UC Berkeley)
Field of Research
Computer and Network Security
Mr. Li F.K.F.
Mr. Li F.K.F.more_vert
Mr. Li F.K.F.close MSc (HK)
Field of Research
Computer Forensics, Malware Analysis
Mr. Mitcheson, G.more_vert
Mr. Mitcheson, G.close BSc, MSc (Manc)
Field of Research
Software Engineering, Evolutionary Computation and Design
Mr. Ng P.T.L.more_vert
Mr. Ng P.T.L.close MBA (Birmingham)
Field of Research
Financial Computing
Prof. Cheng R.C.K.more_vert
Prof. Cheng R.C.K.close PhD (Purdue)
Field of Research
Database and Uncertainty Management
Prof. Cheung D.W.L.more_vert
Prof. Cheung D.W.L.close PhD (Simon Fraser)
Field of Research
Data Engineering, e-Commerce Technology
Prof. Kao B.C.M.more_vert
Prof. Kao B.C.M.close PhD (Princeton)
Field of Research
Database Management Systems, Data Mining, Real-time Systems, Information Retrieval Systems
Prof. Lam T.W.more_vert
Prof. Lam T.W.close PhD (Washington)
Field of Research
Algorithms, Computational Biology
Prof. Lau F.C.M.more_vert
Prof. Lau F.C.M.close PhD (Waterloo)
Field of Research
Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Wireless Networks
Prof. Tse T.H.more_vert
Prof. Tse T.H.close PhD (London)
Field of Research
Program Testing, Debugging, and Analysis
Prof. Wang C.L.more_vert
Prof. Wang C.L.close PhD (USC)
Field of Research
Operating Systems, Virtual Machines, Cloud Computing
Prof. Wang W.more_vert
Prof. Wang W.close PhD (Alberta)
Field of Research
Computer Graphics, Computational Geometry, Geometric Modeling
Prof. Wu C.more_vert
Prof. Wu C.close PhD (Toronto)
Field of Research
Computer Networking, Cloud Computing
Prof. Yiu S.M.more_vert
Prof. Yiu S.M.close PhD (HK)
Field of Research
Bioinformatics, Computer Security and Cryptography